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excerpt from "Seniors for Peace":

How it All Began: Well, the Seniors for Peace started in January of 2003. A woman here at the Redwoods by the name of Nora Boskoff was very agitated when it looked like we were going into Iraq. So she went across the hall and visited with Eleanor Kennedy who has peace signs and poems all over her door. And the two of them thought maybe there are some other people who'd like to talk about these things... So, as they wandered around the corridors, they just asked people... Then we met, and there were about 24 of us. And one woman said, "What shall we do?" And I said, "Why don't we demonstrate?"

So we made signs and the next Friday we went out on the street. I think there were a couple dozen of us in the main group. Then the word passed and more and more kept coming out! And just before the war started there were 150. They would bring out coffee in the winter and lemonade in the summer. And we started getting a lot of publicity and more members. And we've done it every Friday since January 21, 2003. And this is May 21, 2005.

The Video: David Brown, who is a professional documentary filmmaker, was going to do a story on the Redwoods. So he came over and he got so enthusiastic about us that he did a wonderful documentary on the Seniors for Peace. The film premiered at the Mill Valley Film Festival in 2003 and we all went as a group and cheered David on.

He asked me to write my reason for joining. And I said, "My attorney father instilled in me a high regard for the law as set forth by our Founding Fathers. I am demonstrating in an endeavor to preserve our constitutional freedoms for future generations. Most specifically, for my own new great granddaughter."

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